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Our Vision

Red Cloud champions intellectual and spiritual growth, and Lakȟóta culture—language, ceremony, and visual arts—to create transformational opportunities for our Oglala Lakȟóta community.

GPR Final Report Update

The Office of Truth and Healing has received the final report from Marsha Small and her team at Ohio Valley Archeology, Inc. in regard to the excavation in Drexel Hall basement. We’re thankful to them and to the representatives from the FBI who were present during the excavation. Our deepest gratitude to the community member who brought forward their testimony in regard to the excavation site. Maȟpíya Lúta | Red Cloud continues its commitment to pursuing all avenues of truth-seeking.

The report affirms that no evidence of graves existed in the soil and that there was no evidence of graves ever having been removed. Click below to read the full report.

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Annual Report 2021-2022

We’re excited to announce the release of our Annual Report! The Annual Report provides an overview of the financial year spanning 2021-22 (FY22). Examples of perseverance and resilience echoed throughout FY22 as were all still were dealing with the ever-changing challenges of the on-going pandemic. Come along with us as we revisit some of the highlights from the year and learn more about exciting changes to come in the look ahead!

Kindergarten Round Up 2023-2024

Testing and contact information details for 2023-2024.

Red Cloud’s Stories of Service

Red Cloud’s Alumni have participated in various acts of service. Meet Red Cloud’s former alumna AmeriCorps member who also an OLC student!

Stand Tall Magazette

Spring 2022. Stories of Red Cloud Schools, The Heritage Center, Pastoral Ministries.

Red Cloud Indian School transition to a 36-hour work week.

Pine Ridge, SD – Starting January 9th, Mahpiya Luta | Red Cloud Indian School, Inc. will join a growing movement of organizations moving away from a 40-hour, five-day work week model.

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