"Honoring Our Heritage, Building Our Future"

Red Cloud Indian School Celebrated 125 Years of Service
on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

In 1888, after lobbying the U.S. government for over a decade, Chief Red Cloud and the Jesuits were granted permission to build a school on the Pine Ridge Reservation. More than 125 years later, Red Cloud Indian School is stronger than ever, fostering innovative education, community engagement, spiritual formation and social justice. You are a part of that story.

Thanks to your support, Chief Red Cloud's legacy lives on. 

 We Celebrated!

On October 18, 2013 Red Cloud hosted “Honoring Our Heritage, Building Our Future,” an anniversary event celebrating its accomplishments and kicking off the next phase of its work. The event will included tours of Red Cloud’s historic campus, Lakota language and arts workshops, an archery competition and a traditional Wačípi (powwow). 

All were welcome to attend, including members of the press. 

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