Red Cloud’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan
– A Vision for Our Future

Red Cloud remains committed to values held sacred by both Jesuits and the Lakota people—quality education, social justice, spiritual formation and a strong commitment to serving others.

Our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan reflects the traditions that make Red Cloud distinctive and charts a course to realize the contemporary vision of our institution.

Why a new strategic plan?

As we celebrate Red Cloud’s 125th anniversary, it is an important time to reflect on our mission, vision, values and goals—and to reexamine the initiatives and resources needed to meet our objectives. The strategic planning process has allowed us to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats we face as an institution, as well as to identify what we need to focus on to progress.  Our new strategic plan represents a dynamic roadmap forward. It is a living document that will help guide our decisions and ensure we can realize our vision.

How was the plan developed?

Over two years ago, Red Cloud’s leadership team began gathering suggestions and comments from the entire Red Cloud community on the opportunities and challenges facing our institution.  Teachers, staff, students, parents, families, artists and members of the local community—as well as partners and donors—shared more than 1,000 insights.  These comments were then synthesized into 150 recommendations addressing every aspect of Red Cloud’s work.  All these insights from the community make up the core substance of the strategic plan. 

How will the plan guide Red Cloud’s work?

Based on extensive feedback and insight from the Red Cloud community, the plan outlines six strategic goals that will move Red Cloud forward as an institution. In the next five years, all of our work will focus on making progress in these six strategic areas:

    • Promoting Lakota and Catholic spiritualities and practices
    • Educating Lakota children and youth
    • Honoring and sustaining Lakota culture and arts
    • Supporting community development and sustainability
    • Improving facilities and enhancing technology
    • Developing staff and strengthening governance 

How can I help support Red Cloud’s Strategic Plan?

Red Cloud relies on supporters like you to help fuel our buses, strengthen our curriculum, provide healthy meals, increase community programming and so much more. Individual donors and grantmakers around the country provide over 95% of Red Cloud’s annual operating funds. Each year we must raise nearly $13 million dollars to keep our doors open and our lights on—and every penny makes a difference.

By supporting Red Cloud, you can fuel the kind of high-impact philanthropy that changes lives and transforms communities. Join us in creating new and dynamic opportunities on the Pine Ridge Reservation—and empowering the Lakota leaders of tomorrow.

Learn more here about our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan.

To get involved and support our efforts, contact Red Cloud’s Advancement Office at 605/867-1105 or