Jesuit in Regency: Garrett Gundlach, S.J.

posted August 20, 2015 

Each year the Red Cloud Indian School community is fortunate to include a Jesuit in the regency stage of his formation. Recent "regency greats" have included founding Editor-in-Chief of The Jesuit Post Paddy Gilger, S.J., Creighton University President the Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, S.J., our very own Director of Mission and Identity, Fr. Peter Klink, S.J. and many, many more. Regents are here for a period of two to three years and this year we are pleased to welcome our newest: Garrett Gundlach, S.J.

This year Garrett will be teaching Faith, Service and Justice to our high school seniors and supporting campus ministry efforts. Just a few days into his time with us, Garrett already had much to say:

There was a process of discernment with my superiors leading up to regency, and during that time I interviewed at three different Jesuit high schools. When I came to visit Red Cloud, there was a tremendous feeling that I could not describe. I felt a very good and life-giving spirit in the school, among the teachers, students and even among the larger community that I saw at some sporting events.

I am mindful of a challenging and oppressive history between the Lakota and European immigrants, of whom I am myself a descendant. I am also mindful of a challenging history even between the Jesuits, Lakota and other Native American peoples. I am drawn to this environment to learn more, to listen, and to humbly serve where I am invited to serve.

I will be teaching Faith, Service and Justice to senior students as well as working in campus ministry. In the Faith, Service and Justice class, I am eager to walk with students as we learn to slow down in a busy life - slowing down enough to recognize forgotten people and incredible strengths in our communities, and slowing down enough to recognize where the Great Spirit may be challenging and stirring our souls to act, to serve and to work for justice.  

In campus ministry, I am eager to help build community: we have recreated an inviting campus ministry space in the high school (room 219/220 - come visit!) and hope to invite students to a place of peace, fellowship and growth. Furthermore, I will work with other staff members and students to plan and lead prayer opportunities for all students - including Masses and retreats. Last but not least, campus ministry will lead a service club, offering students opportunities to serve their many communities with the peers.

Each member of The Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits, is called to their ministry; it is their vocation. You can read Garrett's reflection on how he found his calling to join the Jesuits - a calling that ultimately led him to Red Cloud.


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