Red Cloud Elementary School (Maȟpíya Lúta Hukhúčiyela Owáyawa)

We are educating the future leaders of our reservation... and our world. 

At Red Cloud Elementary School, we are fortunate to mold the young minds of today into the future leaders of tomorrow. From the moment our young Lakota boys and girls walk into our kindergarten classroom and as they navigate the triumphs and challenges of middle school, we get to walk hand-in-hand with them toward their success. Through an education of the mind and heart in our Lakota, Catholic and Jesuit tradition, we offer skills for life. 

Our curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of a solid education, including math and reading, science and physical education. We offer classes in Lakota language and Lakota studies. After-school programs throughout the year, including during the summer, give our students an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

And to watch our kids grow into mature young adults is incredibly rewarding. 


School Supplies List 2023-24: Red Cloud Elementary
School Supplies List 2023-24: Red Cloud Middle School