Generosity knows many forms.

We are grateful for the many dedicated volunteers who donate their expertise, energy and time to the education and personal development of our Lakota students and families. Red Cloud Indian School offers two unique opportunities to work for and alongside the Lakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

  • The Red Cloud Volunteer Program is designed for men and women from around the country who are interested in committing one to three years of service on the reservation. 
  • The AmeriCorps Program is designed for young people - recruited both locally and nationally - to serve as teachers, aides, after-school prefects, and bus drivers. In return, members receive assistance with their educational costs.

Here, we provide an education of the mind and heart for 600 students among three Jesuit schools and minister to more than 800 families across the reservation through pastoral and community outreach. Potential is discovered and success is achieved daily as we walk together toward the brightest of futures for all who step foot on our campuses, in our museum or in one of our churches.

And despite volunteering and living in one of the poorest communities in the Western Hemisphere, you will realize richness in experience and friendship to last a lifetime. Red Cloud’s Volunteer and AmeriCorps Programs invite you to serve with the Oglala Lakota. Volunteers work with students and families of all ages. You will work to grow in communion with God and each other. You will learn through contact with the traditions and culture of the Lakota. And you will do so while living the values of building community, sharing faith, doing justice and living simply.


Find out why Kelly McConnaughey chose to volunteer on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She was drawn here to make a difference. Now Kelly realizes that she's learned more than she's taught and received far more from her students than she could possibly offer them as a volunteer.


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