When Chief Red Cloud and the Black Robes (Jesuits) envisioned a school for learning on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1888, they planned for a place that would withstand the test of time and a mission that would reverence the sacredness of the Black Hills and the barren canyons of the Badlands, standing proud as a beacon of hope for the Lakota children and families it would serve.

Indeed, their hope became ours, and has been realized in ways we may never understand… may never fully appreciate.

This happens because of the support of our friends from around the country, and the total commitment of our staff and families here on the Pine Ridge indian Reservation. Together, we are able to offer unique initiatives that ensure our students and our community are equipped with the education, nourishment, spiritual guidance and artistic outlet to determine their own future. 

We invite you to read about our programs, and discover what makes us different from any other organization in the country. Indeed, there is no place like Red Cloud Indian School. 

» Counseling
» Healthy Meals
» Lakota Language Project
» Lakota Studies
» Pastoral Ministry
» Spiritual Formation
» The Heritage Center
» Volunteer Program
» Completing the Circle

As we continue on this journey, we are guided by what we've learned in 125 plus years of fulfilling our mission at Red Cloud: the unachievable is achievable, the unimaginable is imaginable, and the wildest dream can surely become a reality. And because we consider you our extended family, we ask you to join us because we know cannot do it alone. Because we are all Red Cloud.