Academic Program


Red Cloud High School seeks to give students the foundation they need to not only pursue post-secondary education, but also become successful members of the community.


  • To learn and pass on Lakota culture and language 
  • To learn and pass on the Catholic faith 
  • To seek 100 percent student enrollment in post-secondary education 
  • To model and teach personal responsibility 
  • To develop and implement a service program 
  • To maintain an enrollment of 200 students 
  • To develop our Jesuit identity


At Red Cloud, strong Lakota, Catholic and Jesuit traditions intertwine to create a rich culture and learning environment. It is the endeavor of the school that students learn and embrace all parts of their culture in an effort to make them successful and knowlegable adults.


Red Cloud High School is committed its Lakota identity through the passing on the Lakota culture and language to its students. Students take classes in Lakota history, language and spirituality. Students participate in Lakota prayer services, go on Lakota retreats, and can join the Lakota drum group or dance club.


Students learn about the school's Catholic identity through the spiritual formation department, retreat program, service program and school prayer services and Masses. Spiritual formation classes focus on both Catholic and Lakota spirituality, teaching that both are ways to God and that the two are not mutually exclusive.


The Jesuits were invited by Chief Red Cloud to establish a school for the Lakota people. Since 1888 the Jesuits have been on the Pine Ridge Reservation seeking to share their faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. By attending a Jesuit school, students become part of a 400 year tradition of educational excellence, and have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to attend one of the numerous Jesuit universities in the United States, including Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.