Academic Program

Red Cloud Elementary School provides a Lakota, Catholic, Jesuit education of the heart and mind to students on the eastern side of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Located just north of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, our buses travel hundreds of miles each day to transport students to our school. We serve students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Many students move on to continue their studies at Red Cloud High School

Red Cloud Elementary is a graded elementary educational system, beginning with kindergarten and progressing through eighth grade. Student progress in academic skills is monitored closely so that a student has the opportunity to master skills and to experience success before progressing to the next level. Hallmarks of our education include: 

  • Lakota Studies is offered to all Red Cloud Elementary students, either directly or through integration into the core curriculum. Integration covers many aspects of Lakota culture including Lakota history, language, arts and crafts. Participation in Lakota music and dance is encouraged. Speakers and non-speakers are oriented toward group activity. 
  • Regularly scheduled classes in religion are held to assist the student in value formation, human development, and spiritual growth. The local pastoral team offers assistance in the planning and celebration of special liturgical events throughout the year. The team also prepares students, who so desire, to receive the sacraments within the Roman Catholic tradition. The attempt is always made to carry out this religious education program with an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the cultural heritage of the student body.