AmeriCorps Program

Red Cloud Indian School is proud to partner with AmeriCorps, a government-sponsored program that engages young adults not just from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, but from across the country. Our program has been in existence for more than 10 years, offering opportunities for AmeriCorps members to teach, tutor, mentor and lead after-school activities. Each year, Red Cloud has 12 local AmeriCorps members who are from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

We also have about 12 residential AmeriCorps members (from across the country) who are also participants in the Red Cloud Volunteer Program.

Important notes

  • Some residential Red Cloud volunteers might not be eligible to participate in AmeriCorps, either because of the particular volunteer’s job description (e.g. teaching religion) or simply because of limited space. 
  • Since residential Red Cloud volunteers are recruited and contracted before we receive confirmation that our contract with AmeriCorps is being renewed for the following school year. It is important that the Red Cloud volunteers commit to Red Cloud without any definite expectation that they will have an opportunity to enroll in AmeriCorps. If it works out, it is simply an added bonus to their participation in the program. 
  • We should learn by June 1 whether our contract with AmeriCorps will be renewed for the following school year. Sometime in June, you will be notified whether you are eligible to participate in the AmeriCorps Program. If you are eligible and decide to enroll, then you will sign your AmeriCorps contract upon your arrival at Red Cloud on August first. 

If you become an AmeriCorps member, you will receive deferment on your eligible student loans during your term of service. Further, if you successfully complete 1,700 hours of service during the school year, then you will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of up to $5,500 to be applied toward eligible past or future student loans.

For more information about participation in the AmeriCorps Program, please contact Christopher Giorlando, AmeriCorps director, at (718) 702-7787 or