Counseling & Guidance

Our Counseling and Guidance Program is an integral component in the creation of opportunities for the types of successes students have accomplished in recent years. We conduct a variety of activities that go above and beyond traditional guidance counseling techniques. These activities address not only college and career readiness and preparation, but also the development of and respect for the whole self (physical, mental, emotional and social) while educating on conflict resolution techniques, goal setting and achievement, and addiction and suicide prevention, to name a few.

Specific programs we offer include:

  • College and career guidance, beginning with the development of career portfolios at the freshmen level that help students set goals, keep adequate records and track progress toward key achievements throughout their high school career. Through the portfolios, students focus on developing critical and creative thinking skills, making good decisions, problem-solving, developing strong and healthy interpersonal skills, organizing high school and college-readiness records and the identification of individual career interests. 
  • A focus on emotional and social development through individualized and group counseling that bridges the gap between a student’s physical and emotional needs and their academic capabilities. 
  • ACT test preparation classes during the junior year.
  • Technological training.
  • Student Advancement & Alumni Support

Events such as Healthy Life Choices Week, which includes guest speakers, career choice information, as well as programs and drug prevention and managing other similar challenges. This week is spent reflecting on the lessons learned, and helping students to integrate those lessons into their lives.

For more information, contact our staff: Joseph Fleishman and Kathleen Parkinson or by calling (605) 867-1289 and asking for the counselor.