St. Agnes Church


When Nicholas Black Elk, who would become a famous catechist, was baptized by Fr. Lindebner, S.J. in 1905, there were many conversions. As a result, Fr. Lindebner built the first log chapel of St. Agnes Church in 1906. The present church, built in 1911, was enlarged by Fr. Plasidus Sialm, S.J. who also added its tower. Early catechists for the Manderson community were Paul Catches, Nick Black Elk and Tom Yellow Bull. Deacon Stephen Red Elk of St. Agnes became the first Native American deacon ordained in the United States.


  • Joyce Tibbitts, Parish Life Coordinator 
  • Fr. Christopher Johnson, S.J. - Pastor
  • Fr. Edmund Yainao, S.J - Associate Pastor


P.O. Box 88
Manderson, South Dakota 57756
605-867-2267 (office)
605-867-2268 (fax)