Other Programs


Spirituality and campus ministry are important components of a Red Cloud Indian School education. Each year, our students attend at least one retreat—oftentimes including an overnight stay in the Black Hills—to personally reflect and pray, and community build with one another. Retreats often include hiking, Lakota handgames and a variety of other outdoor activities. Students tell us they return renewed and excited for the academic and personal development ahead of them.

  • The senior class holds two annual overnight retreats in the sacred Black Hills. The fall retreat helps senior students focus on the year ahead and their plans for the future. During the course of the overnight retreat, faculty members help the seniors take stock of their lives and the choices that lie ahead of them. In the spring, they have a year-end retreat. 
  • Juniors have one overnight retreat in the Black Hills.
  • Sophomores have a daylong retreat in the Black Hills
  • Freshmen participate in a one-day retreat held in a nearby community.

Optional retreats on Ignatian spirituality and Lakota spirituality are also offered.

Blood Drives

The Faith and Justice course at Red Cloud High School coordinates two blood drives each year. These drives, usually held in October and March, collect blood to be used at hospitals in Pine Ridge and the surrounding area.