Student Advancement and Alumni Support

Red Cloud High School graduates’ matriculation rates into college have increased exponentially since 2001 (from 19 percent in 2001 to 91 percent in 2009). At Red Cloud, we are confident these improvements in college attendance are a result of improvements have occurred in part thanks to outstanding guidance counseling and college preparation programs, as well as the addition of our student advancement and alumni support program.

The program offers college readiness services to our current high school students, and continues the relationship with our graduates as they begin their first years of college. Each year, we travel around the country to meet with as many of our graduates as possible, hearing firsthand the challenges they face in adapting to college life and witnessing the success they are realizing.

College Visit Program

The Student Advancement Office, in coordination with our guidance counselors, organizes trips for Red Cloud High School juniors and seniors each year to visit colleges and universities around the country they are considering applying to. The College Visit Program is just one aspect of a comprehensive post-secondary education program that Red Cloud High School attempts to provide to its students. With over 90 percent of our graduating seniors moving onto post-secondary education, it is important for our students to get a feel for college campuses as well as the immediate surroundings.

Keeping in Touch & Supporting our Future

Nakina Mills is the Director of Advancement and Alumni Support. She began working at Red Cloud Indian School in the fall of 2012, and is also an alumna, having graduated from Red Cloud in 1998. She was also a member of the Red Cloud Board of Directors prior to accepting her current position.

Nakina's main responsibility is to help prepare Red Cloud graduates for their chosen post-secondary options, whether it be a college, university, trade school or enrollment in the armed forces. After graduation and throughout their careers, the Director of Advancement and Alumni Support is there to connect graduates with the support they need, from contacts and networking to encoragement to get that exam done ontime.

Nakina Mills can be reached at or 605/867-1289 ext. 2504