Middle School Program

Our Middle School has approximately 100 students in grades 5 through 8.

  • The program for the fifth grade has been modified to provide for a more gradual transition from the containment of grade school to the departmental situation of the middle school. The fifth graders have a homeroom teacher for the five major subjects. For other subjects, they follow the middle school schedule. 
  • The middle school team (grades 6-8) has adopted a model that provides for a homeroom (tiospaye) period each day. The 40 class periods per week cover study in language arts, reading, mathematics, social studies, science, religion, Lakota studies, physical education, computers and health, according to current curriculum design. 
  • Mini courses/activities will be scheduled throughout the school year. These special programs are designed to stimulate exploration and creativity in the student, and afford the faculty and staff the opportunity to share their special skills and interests with the students.