Admissions Policies

Red Cloud Elementary School students should live on the Pine Ridge Reservation, except children of the Red Cloud Indian School staff. When extraordinary circumstances arise, the building principal may consider exceptions to admissions policies.

First grade admission requirements

No child will be admitted to the first grade without successful completion of Kindergarten. A pre-screening exam may be given to all applicants for first grade.

Transfer admission requirements

Normally, transfer students will be admitted only at the beginning of a semester and only then if the family is moving into the area.

  • The cut-off point for accepting transfer students will be the 2nd week of the first, second and third quarters. 
  • A transfer of credit, grades, days of attendance, a background check for special services, and a screening exam will be required before a transfer student is formally accepted at Red Cloud Elementary, along with a conference from the previous school. 
  • If a student transfers out of Red Cloud Elementary, but not out of the attendance area, he/she may not be readmitted until he/she has completed the next grade level. 
  • Students may not transfer into Red Cloud Elementary School for the final semester of their eighth grade year. 
  • New students who are absent the first five days of school will be dropped from enrollment. 
  • New students will be on a probationary period for 30 school days in regards to appropriate behavior and/or passing grades.