Quilts -n- Textiles Show


The Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School hosted a Call for Entry this past Decemeber to artists who work with quilts and other textiles. This opportunity was open to enrolled members of Federally Recognized Tribes.

The Quilts & Textiles Show provides opportunity for artists to showcase their latest creation and serve as advertisement and promotion for individual artists and/or community organizations focused on quilting. We asked artists to provide an Artist Statement that helped us compose an in-house publication to educate our visitors on the history of quilting among native cultures. 

A third party juror will judge submissions. There are three Divisions each with a First ($200) and Second ($150) place awards and a Best of Show ($300). 

The Show will be on display at The Heritage Center from January 23, 2016 to May 21, 2016. 

“Quilts became much more than something to keep warm with—they became a symbolic gift to mark major moments in life, like marriage and childbirth. And today, quilting is truly an art." - Ashley Pourier


New Exhibit Looks at the Evolution of Lakota Quilting

For Questions contact Ashley Pourier, Curator, at (605) 867-8257.